Tuning Guide

Link to RYA website for list of measurers (XLS) - http://www.rya.org.uk/infoadvice/racing/equipmentclasses/measurement/Pages/measurers.aspx

New format 2010 Albacore Rules (PDF) -  download here

I hope to add more tuning info as I get it but here is a couple of tuning guides:

North Tuning guide (UK sails only)

Inside Transom to forward side of mast at the heel = 3300mm
Mast rake from top of mast to inside corner of transom:
Light winds 7160mm Medium winds 7060mm Heavy winds 6960mm
Rig Tension Lt 240lb's Medium 300lb's Heavy 350lb's
Spreader's 430mm long from side wall of mast.
Spreader setting's from aft side of the mast to the straight line between the spreader tips:
Pre-Bend conditions 185mm Medium and up 85mm. This setting basically keeps the mid wind range pre-bend down to around 25mm and no more. Our sails are designed to be used with less mast bend than some other sailmakers.


McNamara tuning guide can be found at www.albacore.org/usa/tuningtips/macguide.htm



Many of us are undertaking projects to improve or modify our boats. Some are small changes, such as changing to split tailed min sheet or upgrading our kicker, other projects are huge, full boat rebuilds. This section is dedicated to all those projects.

Everybody is welcome to contribute and add their stories and experiences, just email me mail@albacore.org.uk

To get things started i have uploaded a couple of sections of my own.

New Centreboard - Richard
selecting and designing a new board

Restoring Alb 999 - Trevor Chanter
Repairing and restoring a 1950s albacore

Rerigging an alb - Richard
changing all of the rigging on the boat.

Jib stick 1 and jib stick 2
Alternative methods of fitting a Jib stick