The Albacore Dinghy

The Albacore is a great first boat for those who are just learning to sail and a very competitive racer for more advanced sailors. It is a fast and lively while being relatively easy to learn to sail and race. A fully adjustable rig and adjustable sail controls allow a crew to depower in high winds - enabling both light and heavy crews to race head to head. A very versatile boat, it is often sailed by husband/wife and parent child combinations. Those looking for a simple to learn, yet high performance sailing dinghy can join the ranks of Albacore sailors who come from all walks of life and range in age from teenagers to masters pushing 80 years of experience. The Albacore is a boat that is both simple to get into at first, and one which will challenge your tuning and tactical skills for the rest of your life.

Upcoming Events


Held annually this is a Thames Estuary Handicap race usually attracting around 100 entries. Launching is at Thorpe Bay Yacht Club and the start is off Southend Pier. The course is approximately 16 miles and there is an Albacore Class Trophy. 
Useful local contact is Richard Smith email richar…

Maidenhead Open

Maidenhead Open meeting.

Lord Birkett

This is an annual event held on Ullswater in the Lake District. Be aware that this is multi-class with a mixed fleet of 200 plus including everything from sailing canoes to yachts all on a single start line.