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6917 Woof Mk2

6917 Woof Mk2
In excellent condition, all varnished boat with up to date rig controls. Very good suit of Hyde r[...]
£ 2,400
Bickington, Devon

Project Albacore K2050

Project Albacore K2050
Hello Albacorers I don't sail Albacores but my sister (who lives in France) bought a project jus[...]
£ 100

1524 Updated

1524 Updated
Hello. I've updated this ad for several reasons - increased number of photos; reduced price; willing[...]
£ 1,700

Albacore for Sale

Albacore for Sale
Albacore Dingy purchased around 1983 from sailing instructor based on Ullswater Cumbria. Manufacture[...]
£ 400
Montrose Angus

Cyclone - 6815

Cyclone  -  6815
Kingsfield Marine 1 McNamara Main 1 Hood Main 1 McNamara Jib 1 Speed Jib Milanes Centre Board [...]
£ 2,600
West Kirby
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