Albacore 7508 is now up for sale, as I have a new boat, 8230 This boat is well known in the club and will be quick in the right hands.

PRICE LOWERED to £1500 due to the new sails being secured separately.

It was built in 1988 by the Porter Brothers on the South coast near Chichester.

I have had the boat since June 2000 and it has given me many years of sailing pleasure. I have kept it well maintained but it is now time to let it go.

The hull is fibreglass and the deck, gunwales, thwart and other bits and pieces are made of wood.

It's a great compromise between looks and maintenance.

The boat comes with two mains and two jibs, an over boom cover and a launching trolley.

The boat is sound and in overall great condition. There is a little cosmetic work to be done, including the floor but, other than that, everything works well.

The boat is at South Cerney Sailing Club.

You can also contact Paul Sleeman on 07918 600211 email;


Dave Whittle
GL20 7RR
BLAEC SOLD (Deposit paid)BLAEC SOLD (Deposit paid)BLAEC SOLD (Deposit paid)BLAEC SOLD (Deposit paid)BLAEC SOLD (Deposit paid)