Hornsea Mere has been a home club for the Swordfish, the direct predecessor of the Albacore with an identical hull shape, but for the sheerline, so it was particularly rewarding to be accepted as the Inlands venue for this year, due in part from the low water level at Scaling Dam.


Judy and Paul Armstrong showed their complete mastery of both the weather and a sailing venue of which none of the seven visiting boats had previous experience, completing the series with a score of four firsts to count, (having a fifth place in the third race as a discard).  Four boats from the home club made up the full contingent of 11 entries into this series of five races.  Places were won and lost throughout all races on the beats, fast reaches and runs facilitated by a brisk breeze.  Courses were set using the whole stretch of water for the first three races, proving quite a severe test for all visitors, as there are two significant areas of shallows in this natural lake of 250 acres navigable area.  A wide variety of boatbuilders was evident, with four Woofs, at least two Young's, two Speed FRP's, a Kingsfield and an older Fairey, all of which demonstrated different characteristics on different legs and in different wind strengths.

Mike McNamara had a weekend he would probably prefer to forget with a number of mishaps causing him to have two retirements, one following tiller breakage, and another following a capsize. His comfortable win in the third race demonstrated the form we have come to expect from him.

Hornsea sailing club has experienced a phenomenon common to many clubs in that a number of our sailors have migrated to single-handed boats, predominantly Streakers, and it was therefore particularly rewarding to see the potential that two-handed boats offer in introducing people to sailing through crewing.  Mike Banner from Winsford Flash had asked if we could find a crew for him, having taken note of the weather forecast and (understandably) decided that his nine-year-old son may not be the ideal weight for the conditions expected.  Mike did a splendid job with two different young and relatively inexperienced crews, and both Tobias (who crewed for four races) and Will who crewed the fifth both very much enjoyed this introduction to sailing in brisk conditions with an experienced, patient and capable helm - thanks are due to Mike for playing an important part in these two youngsters' further introduction, (nay immersion!) to the sport.

Three husband and wife teams were in evidence, as was one father and son and a father and daughter combination.

Our principal race officer Steve Sharp took care and not a little pleasure in arranging five different courses for each of the five races, ably assisted by Brian Joyce, for whom rowing into the wind to get the committee boat out to the line provided his exercise for the weekend.  Mike Hood with the patrol boat was much in evidence on Saturday in particular, assisting yours truly in one instance. Not all the courses pleased all the competitors, and one was heard to lobby before the final race that with crews tired after four testing races already, "was it wise to set a course with five gybes in a force four to five?" Nine of the 11 entries did start the final race, although it would have been extremely unlikely for Judy not to have been overall winner with the eight points she had accrued before the final race.  Nothing like cementing your victory!

A number of photographs were taken over the weekend which are on the  website under "gallery">Albi Saturday.

We would like to take the opportunity of thanking everyone who came to Hornsea Mere for the weekend.  It was a privilege to host you, we hope you enjoyed the racing, your visit has given us pause for thought about some of the facilities we offer, and we hope that you will consider returning next year for another open meeting here in East Yorkshire.

Dave Berger


ALB 6836 "By Jingo"

Commodore Hornsea sailing club


Sailed:5, Discards:1, To count:4, Ratings:PY, Entries:28, Scoring system:Appendix A
Rank Helm Crew SailNo Club R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Nett
1st Judy Armstrong Paul Armstrong 7518 Scaling Dam 1 1 -5 1 1 4
2nd Nigel Potter Matt Potter 7143 2 4 3 -7 2 11
3rd Phil Smith Matthew Metcalfe-Smith 8152 Winsford Flash 3.5 2 (DNF) 3 3 11.5
4th David Hammond Aaron White 7920 Ogston -7 7 2 2 6 17
5th Dave Berger Sheila Mullen 6836 Hornsea 3.5 (DNF) 4 8 4 19.5
6th Mike MacNamara Flip Foulds 6493 Norfolk Broads Yacht Club 5 (DNF) 1 4 10.0 DNF 20
7th Stuart Hood Natalie Hood 6825 Hornsea 6 5 -8 5 5 21
8th Mike Banner Tobias Breithaupt / Bran Banner 8133 Winsford Flash -8 3 7 6 7 23
9th Eddie Brooks Jane Brooks 1749 Elton SC (DNF) 6 6 9 DNF 31
10th Tony Ridley Paul Ellwood 7501 Hornsea 9 9 9 10 (DNS) 37
11th Chris Bell Rob Froud 7407 Hornsea DNF 8 (DNS) OCS DNS 60