GBR 8253

Boat Name: You can call me AL
Material: GRP/FRP
Builder: Ovington Boats
Year: 2019
Hull Colour: Light Grey
Owner: National Albacore Association
Description / Notes:

Demo/Charter boat owned by the NAA.

The idea behind the boat is to encourage non-Albacore sailors into the fleet by giving them an opportunity to try out a brand-new boat, either at a local club, or by charter for use at an open event.


It is our intention to try and make the boat available at local clubs in proximity to the open event circuit this year. 

The boat comes fully kitted with covers, combi trailer and lighting board, and even full race insurance cover. So, for anyone that would like to charter it, it really is just a case of hook up and tow it to the open meeting event – or if really lucky it will already be at the venue.


If you know someone who would like to charter the boat for an open event please email:

We will do our best to accommodate all requests, but priority will be given to non-Albacore sailors in the first instance.


Located in: Active Boats
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